Star Rating Criteria

To determine my star ratings, I judge films based on this criteria and ask myself the following questions:

  • Emotional Impact:
    • Did the film move me?
    • Did I cry? Did I laugh?
    • Did I feel something, and was it intentional?
  • Critical Engagement
    • Did the film have something unique or interesting to say?
    • What themes were introduced? Were they explored effectively?
  • Queerness
    • Does the film have a (seemingly) authentic queer perspective?
    • Was it made by and for queer people? Does it ever pander to The Straights?
    • Does queerness extend beyond the characters? (stylisation, soundtrack, temporality etc.)
  • Staying Power / Iconicness
    • Did the film feel important?
    • Was I surprised that I hadn’t seen it before?
    • Will I remember it in a week? a month? a year?
    • Perhaps the most important question of all: Am I glad this film was made?
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As an additional note: working holistically, like Ariel Burdett, I use this merely as a guide to help me decide on a rating. And, of course, all reviews are subjective, so don’t come for me. xx