Representation matters. Seeing people like you lets you know you have the right to exist. Queer people have become desperate to see themselves shown on screen, after decades of being either mocked or erased in all kinds of media. Even as someone relatively privileged within our community — a white, cis, gay man — I get hideously excited when I see any film or TV show that shows someone like me.

So that’s where the blog comes in.

Netflix is always changing its available content, so it’s hard to keep track, but as of 22nd May 2020, there are 42 films that come up when you search ‘gay’, and I intend to watch all of them.

I’m going to go through every film in the genre and share with you my gayest thoughts, ideas and reflections — and don’t worry, I’m avoiding major spoilers! Each one also gets a ‘Top Tip’, ‘Soundtrack Stand Out’ and ‘Biggest Gay Mood’. Oh, and we’ve also got ‘Britney Line Time’; the Britney Spears lyric that best fits with the film’s vibe.

…I told you it was going to be gay…

So sit back, grab the popcorn and join me in my gay excitement for a new review every Tuesday.

Here we go, it’s in the title:

Every Gay Movie on Netflix

PS: Special shout out to Heather, whose Netflix account I first used when she gave me the password to watch Drag Race in spring 2017. 3 years and lots of gay movies later and starting this blog finally pushed me to get my own Netflix account. I doubt I’ll make any money off this, but if I do, Heather, you’ll get royalties xxx